Video: WTF? Fighter gets KO’d twice in rounds one and two thanks to bad ref Mike England

Referee Mike England is still the worst. When not causing havoc on Invicta, UFC or Bellator fights, you can find MMA referee Mike England lust for blood working pretty much at any local show in Kansas City. This past weekend wasn’t any different as bad referee England made an appearance at Kansas City Fighting Alliance 23.

In the main event Anthony Gutierrez bludgeoned short notice replacement Christian Camp for the better part of four minutes before things got uncomfortably weird. Thanks, Mike England. Fast forward all way to the 4:04:30 mark of the video and watch the final 30 seconds of the opening round between Gutierrez and Camp.

Camp gets drops, kneed to the head and eats some vicious strikes on the ground all while Mike England stands idly by humming his favorite sitcom musical intros. The bell sounds to end round one, Camp collapses into a state of sleep and England wonders to himself if KFC is still open. Camp is clearly KO’d but he is allowed to start round two.

Now fast forward to the 4:10:00 part of the four hour long video and watch Camp eat more unnecessary shots before he’s KO’d again but somehow saved by the bell again because referee Mike England is thinking about his tax returns. A concussed Camp is allowed to continue before he crawls to his stool and England checks on him to wave off the fight.

Really? Mike England has achieved his master’s degree in being a horrible MMA government appointed official.

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