MMA Rundown

Video: When Johny Hendricks KO’d Jon Fitch it set into motion “The Steakhouse Curse”

In January of 2015 following his title loss to Robbie Lawler, Johny Hendricks stood at the front his leased unit of a strip mall in Midlothian Texas, the sweet smell of discount sirloin steak wafting in the air. I can almost see his smiling face greeting children as families rushed in to sample the legendary cuisines that only former championship athletes can provide. This is the Bigg Rigg that I choose to remember……

The current incarnation of Johny Hendricks can only be explained by testing of the t virus by UMBRELLA Corporation, or possible hostile takeover of his consciousness by an artificial intelligence modeled after Oscar the Grouch. As the man who once humbled the unstoppable GSP and defeated the unrelenting force of Robbie Lawler punches.

So let us remember Johny Hendricks like he should be remembered, as the guy who saved us from ever having to watch Jon Fitch grind out people in the UFC ever again.

***Johny Hendricks fights Hector Lombard this Sunday in the Battle of Former MMA Champions Who Have Lost to Neil Magny***

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