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Video: Wenbo Liu and Shannon Ritch mutually agree to begin fight with a Frye vs Takayama brawl at RFC

This is our aura. If MiddleEasy had a sprite animal, it would be the moment in MMA history where Don Frye and Yoshihiro Takayama just slugged the hell out of each other.

Maybe as an ode to the two Pride FC legends or maybe because they were just bored, today at Rebel FC Wenbo Liu and Shannon Ritch simply said “to hell with it” and beat the hell out of each other.

Thank you Liu and 19-year MMA veteran Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch for their attempt to reenact Frye-Takayama at Pride 21.

Somewhat Important Update: Liu TKO’s Ritch. Ritch record moves to 56-85 in MMA

Update 9/21/17: Here is the official donation page from Yoshihiro Takayama’s agent titled TAKAYAMANIA

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