Video: Watch Darren Till’s Brutal Attempt to Make Weight for UFC LIverpool

So, you want to be a fucking Welterweight?

Good Lord, does Darren Till look absolutely miserable while doing his weight cut before UFC Liverpool. In this six minute video, which shows him cutting weight the day before weigh ins as well as the morning of, we get a small peak into the grimy process that is a weight cut in professional MMA. It’s absolutely crazy to watch and realize that we expect him to fight just one day after this kind of ordeal.


Of course, the other side of this coin is the competitive advantage Darren Till gets from making this massive weight cut. Till constantly claims that it is unfair to the rest of the Welterweight for someone his size to fight them. And maybe that because he can’t safely make 170.

Still, this video makes it hard not to be a little sympathetic to Till. But more importantly, it reminds us all that severe weight-cutting has to be addressed in Mixed Martial Arts. This shit is beyond absurd.

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