Video: To prep for Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar is thrown through two tables, has a table thrown at him

Brock Lesnar Table

There is no better sight in pro wrestling than watching a 6’4 280 pound Brock Lesnar get completely manhandled in a pro wrestling ring. The visual of Lesnar flying all over the place like a 125-pound luchador. Lesnar ability to be an unstoppable ass kicker while at the same time having the skillset to be the babyface in peril is in part what makes him so good at pro wrestling.

On Sunday night at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, Lesnar got his ass kicked by three different beasts, all pushing 300 pounds. Let us watch Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns and Brain Strowman (God yes) break Lesnar’s back with tables not once but twice, spear him through security padding and then pile a large announce table on the lifeless body of the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Bring on Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar is invincible.





*crying emoji*

Heart of a champion

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