Video: To gain the powers of eight limbed attacks Cris Cyborg eats a giant tarantula on a stick

In the battle of Cris Cyborg versus food, Cyborg wins via TKO (consuming your opponent whole). On the streets of Cambodia, eating spiders, snakes or scorpions is commonplace. For those of us who never walked the street eats of Cambodia eating t creatures that crawl on you in your darkest nightmares is horrifying.

Even the baddest women on the planet has some second of thoughts about biting into a giant tarantula on a stick. Don’t do it! Okay, just do it! Cyborg takes a giant mouthful of a giant tarantula and we swear we saw of its eight limbs twitch afterwards. Mmmm the power of spider attacks now run through the veins of Cris Cyborg. Listen to the crunch of fresh tarantula meat as you enjoy your Halloween candy.

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