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Video: Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell slur & stumble through first promo/face-off

Video: Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell slur & stumble through first promo/face-off

Tito Ortiz & Chuck Liddell have started to promote their third fight and it’s kind of ruining our buzz for Tito Ortiz & Chuck Liddell. On paper, Tito vs. Chuck Part Three is a giant train with nothing but dumpster fires as its cargo. We can’t look away.

Today (Sept. 14) that beautiful train wreck waiting to happen held its first press conference in Las Vegas and now we’re bummed out. First of all, Tito’s opening statement mentioned the mythical location known as Las Vegas, California.

Sounds like an amazing vacation spot this time of year.

Tito Ortiz then expanded on his previous thoughts and it was vintage Tito. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy is out here single handily ruining the word snowflake for ignorant people who use it as a insult in their everyday lives.

Thanks for that 10-8 round over the English language Tito.

Then Chuck cut his brief promo and it was bad. The highlight was Tito talking smack in the back towards the end of it.

Damn, Chuck sounds bad y’all. Like please don’t punch that dude in the head ever again kind of bad. Why did we watch that promo? Ignorance is bliss.

And here’s the face off where Tito tried to freak out Chuck but he couldn’t. We’re not sure if it was because Chuck has Ice running through his veins or because his reaction speed is just shit.

Um Fight Gods? You seeing this? Injury Bug? Where the hell you at? Jesus, Tito vs. Chuck is starting to make us look for where we put our moral compass. It’s probably in-between the couch cushions.

Check out the entire presser below because it lives up to all the hype.

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