Video: The WWE roasts the hell out of CM Punk for losing at UFC 225

CM Punk roasted

We have no idea the context of this clip but hot damn. There are two types of people left in the combat sports world; those that cheer CM Punk for living his dream and showing heart in defeat or those that mock him for sucking at MMA.

Last night (Jun. 17) during their Money in the Bank pre-show, the WWE didn’t just kick Punk while he was down then stepped on his back while they were leaving. Unprovoked, and perhaps trying to make some vague Ronda Rousey analogy, Booker bodied the hell out of an already defeated CM Punk.

From the looks of it, the other panelists on the show all wanted to say ‘awk-ward’ at the exact same time. Jesus man, that Chick Magnet has a family.

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