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Video: The ending of Mayweather TKO-ing McGregor gets Japanese commentary, Pride music and more

Yes, it’s a given that if Conor McGregor had gotten his hands on Floyd Mayweather under actual Pride Fighting Championship rules, Money May would have taken a ring rope nap a la Ramapge Jackson anytime he fought Wanderlei Silva in Japan. In lieu of Rizin writing McGregor and Mayweather $200 million dollar paychecks to compete under JMMA’s official rule set, we’ll have to enjoy this new video by the infamous @Grabaka_Hitman

Japanese announcers calling the end of Mayweather versus McGregor is high end art. Add in the Pride FC theme music at the final bell and this edit is too beautiful for this world. Listen for the crazy Pride timekeeper hammer the bell like a madman and be overcome with JMMA feels.

H/T to @SecretMovesMMA for the find

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