MMA Rundown

Video: The best/worst of UFC 208, Holm’s kick below the belt or crowd yelling fuck you at GDR?

Yeah these two moments sum up all of UFC 208. If you missed out on the madness of UFC 208 which was full of decisions, sloppy fights, one or two hidden gems, bad officiating and brain-dead judging then these following two moments from the main event have you covered.

First up is Holly Holm and her blatant low blow to the groin region of Germaine de Randamie. That’s where babies come from and Holm punted GDR without any repercussions from the referee in the cage. New York MMA officials are still learning on the job… the UFC… main event……title fights.

The second nominee for best and or worst moment of UFC 208 is de Randamie’s post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. During a brief pause in the conversation an audible “fuck you” was heard from the Brooklyn crowd. Awkward.

Getting a front kick directly to your vagina or being told to fuck off after the biggest win of your career? The choices UFC 208 has forced the MMA world to make are both difficult, heartbreaking and somewhat hilarious.

H/T to Zombie Prophet for the pic of the night