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Video: The 3rd Diaz Bro Gegard Mousasi says all the USA and Brazil UFC fighters are on steroids

Remember when Gegard Mousasi was the strong silent type? The Dream and Strikeforce Gegard Mousasi was still learning the English language and spoke only with his fists/grappling skills. Fast forward to 2016 and now 2017 Mousasi who not only ran out of fucks to gives, he has taken the fucks of other UFC fighters and given them away as well.

With one fight left on his current UFC deal and with one eye on free agency before his UFC 210 fight with Chris Weidman, Mousasi is unloading his verbal clip. No chill. No filter. No cares in the world Mousasi is the best Mousasi.

Watch Mousasi at the UFC 210 media day say all American and Brazilian UFC fighters have a special doctor they go to get their steroids while he on the other hand has just one doctor who is just a regular old doctor. Love that 100% sass Gegard.

H/t to to James Lynch of SportsNet for the great interview

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