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Video: That 45 second moment when Jon Jones answers if he’s been real or fake

Video: That 45 second moment when Jon Jones answers if he’s been real or fake

Is he fake Bones Jones or real Jon Jones has been asked by MMA fans since the dawn of Jon “Bones” Jones time in the UFC. When Jones first busted on the scene he was a robotic polite create-a-fighter who answered questions with only three options: “Yes, sir”, No, sir” and “It’s in God’s hands”. Jones was too nice and something had to be up behind his million dollar baby face smile.

Slowly but surely ass-hole supremely confident Jones would leak out now and again. The MMA world’s ultimate “I got you moment” was there for the taking after Jones became UFC champion.  The conspiracy theorists were right all along and they all knew Jones couldn’t be that nice and politically correct at every waking moment!

Then UFC 151 melted downed, the UFC threw Jones under the bus, he grew a beard, started talking more shit on social media, and full on heel Bones Jones had finally arrived.

So what is the true persona of 28 year old Jonathan Dwight Jones? During his hour long must see interview with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani, Jones again leaked some spoilers to some of his real personality traits. Watch this clip below happen and hear Jones finally address if he’s being real or fake in the public eye. Or maybe he’s just swerving MMA yet again? We believe you or we’re onto you once again Jon “Bones” Jones.


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