Video: Teruto Ishihara Scores Brutal KO at UFC SLC, Requests Ladies, Shouts Out Mom and Gets Bonus Surprise

Teruto Ishihara is the real deal. Sure, his “Naughty Boy” antics are garnering him a lot of attention (both positive and negative) but the dude can actually bang. In the midst of his continuous search for female company, Ishihara has developed some skills which he showed against Horacio Gutierrez. His wild swagger that he walks around with in his civilian life is exactly the same in the cage. I don’t know if it truly is his love of women that fuels Ishihara, but whatever it is, he needs to keep it up because it is working.

Ishihara and Gutierrez had some bull-rush exchanges, and both had their moments but Ishihara was the one who ended up on top when they locked horns. Gutierrez blitzed in and Ishihara countered moving back with a beautiful punch that almost took him out. It seemed like Gutierrez recovered slightly, but Ishihara didn’t let up. After the victory, Ishihara put out another call for “Salt Lake bitches” and then showed his soft side by wishing his mother happy birthday

Continuing the excitement from the win, he spoke to MMA Junkie in a post-fight interview that gives us more reason to love the “bad boy”. Ishihara found out during the interview that he got a knockout bonus and his reaction is priceless.

Check out the interview and his uncensored reaction below.

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