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Video: Sorry America. Latvia just destroyed New York City in 5 on 5 team MMA

Video: Sorry America. Latvia just destroyed New York City in 5 on 5 team MMA

At 2:00 AM this morning the reason Matt Serra slept walked to his refrigerator grabbed a plate of leftover lasagna and cried was because somewhere in Russia this video happened. All of America stress ate and cried a little after watching this brand new five on five team MMA fight from Team Fighting Championship.

Thankfully this beat down did not occur on July 4th. Matt Serra loves American and he loves New York City, having both of those things take “Ls” on the same day while watching Long Island fireworks could push a normally stable man over the edge.

Going up against Latvia (that’s a country) this brawl goes south fairly quickly for Team New York City.

For the love of God please don’t flood Matt Serra or Ray Longo’s Facebook and Twitter feeds with this video. That definitely would not be a good idea. Please MMA fans don’t mock New York City, their traffic, overpopulation, version of a slice pizza, or the fact they are represented by five MMA fighters who lost to Latvia in TFC competition. Don’t point any of these things out to Serra or Longo for the sake of gloating or social media comedy. 

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