Video: Shinya Aoki throws water bottle at Daron Cruickshank, hits Tatsuya Kawajiri instead

So check this replay. After Daron Cruickshank soccer kicked Shinji Sasaki into a future World Cup bracket, the ex-UFC lightweight called out Shinya Aoki at Rizin FF 1. Seems nice enough, Cruickshank is the new kid at the Rizin FF School for Higher Education and he just called out on the biggest kid playground.

Way to make a splash Daron Cruickshank.

Sitting ringside with a 75% full bottle of water, Shinya Aoki is not the type of man to let any form of call-out simply go by unnoticed. With disrespect behind his wire frame glasses, Aki proceeded to toss his water bottle in the direction of Cruickshank. Known for breaking limbs, middle fingers, and yelling four letter words at his beaten opponents, Aoki’s throwing accuracy is not his strongest RPG ability.

Sorry about that Tatsuya Kawajiri; Shinya Aoki just threw a water bottle at your head intended for Daron Cruickshank. We’re sure Aoki is heartbroken about it, expect he’s not at all because once again he is the one and only Shinya Aoki.

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