Video: Shane Carwin Knocks Out Jason Ellis With One Damn Hand

When we announced that Shane Carwin would return to a life of punching dudes in their tiny heads, this isn’t exactly what we expected but we’ll take it. In his annual Ellismania event, Jason Ellis always does some crazy shit. MMA fighters routinely participate, Urijah Faber even went ham on him when he boxed 10 guys in a row. This was no different. He boxed a one-armed Carwin and it didn’t even make a damn difference.

You know something is going to go wrong when the staredown looks like this. Carwin’s fist looks the same size as Ellis’ head. They’d compare the size ratio later that night. Carwin knocked down Ellis and then put him away with a one-armed KO moments later. Normal people can’t take that punch. Even giant beasts the same size or larger than Carwin were getting knocked out back in the UFC.

Maybe if Carwin would agree to tie one hand behind his back, more fighters would agree to step into the cage with him for his return.

Check out the KO below.

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