Video: Ryan Bader Flatlines Illir Latifi With Devastating Knee

Ryan Bader and Illir Latifi mostly pawed at each other, with a couple of big shots landing on each other’s defense. Oddly, Latifi was the one constantly trying to get the fight to the ground. Bader was able to defend and was never surprised with the shot. It seems like Bader made a mental note of that because—Oh. My. God. After a couple of big shots landing in each other’s defense, Bader timed Latifi coming in a rebooted his entire existence with a all-powerful knee of death.

You must see this from every possible angle available on the internet…

The beastly warrior has fallen. Of course, it took the most terrifying of terrors to bring him down, but Bader slides himself right back into the mix with this crazy knockout of a fan favorite. Jesus… burn and effigy for Latifi today.

Watch the aftermath here, of Latifi clutching the fence and Bader celebrating.

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