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Video: Insta celebrity with arm implants fights blogger, gets tapped out in the most embarrassing way

Video: Insta celebrity with arm implants fights blogger, gets tapped out in the most embarrassing way

That’s it MMA has peaked. Wrap it up, a dude nicknamed Bazooka Arms just lost to a 70 year old blogger in Russia.

There is nowhere else this sport can go from here. MMA will never get better than the video below. You are witnessing human history and MiddleEasy here is to hold you through it all.

It’s going to be okay. We all have to find other things to do now, MMA is done.

So meanwhile in Russia, it is still pound for pound the best country for Street MMA, freak shows, and Instagram celebrities named Bazooka Arms. Kirill Tereshin made himself Internet famous a few years ago when he underwent synthol drug injections that gave him foot-wide biceps.

It’s 2019, do what you got to do to get them likes? As Insta influencers with bicep implants tend to do, Tereshin started a feud with a local blogger. Russian blogger Oleg Mongol is the hero of this story and also because it’s the year of our Fight Lord 2019, Biceps versus Blogger is the only logical next step in this feud.

What were they feuding about exactly? Who knows. Who cares. There is no time for any of this, just roll that beautiful promo footage.

Um what? The bar has been raised for this blood feud and somehow Bazooka Arms and old timey GeoCities blogger cleared that MF’er.

The full fight video begins at the 13:45 mark and it’s just jaw dropping. Like, can’t stop watching this. Upset of the year? Round of the year? The fight of MiddleEasy’s lifetime? Just shower the fight below with all the awards.

Go find Oleg Mongol’s blog and pound the follow button over and over again until the end of the time, right now.

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Monday 21st of October 2019

Ahh the ol' pointy elbow to the Adam's apple! Or is that an open arm choke?