Video: Ronda Rousey Drops a Facebook Video About Purple Drank, Good Shit, and Being Svelte Not Jacked

Do you ever find yourself wondering what Ronda Rousey is up to? Well, stop that. It’s unhealthy.

But apparently, if you aren’t getting enough Ronda Rousey in your life, she has taken to Facebook to rectify that situation.

Here is a weird vlog (advertisement?) the former UFC champion dropped after Thanksgiving.

Teaser time!!! Things teased in this video:1. Content for upcoming, including following along with all my workouts for every purpose (yes every workout has a purpose)2. What I'm working on for my upcoming Max Effort nutritional line!3. How awesome Grapecicle Lemonade Post workout tastesThings you do not get from this video:1. Any actual footage of me working out2. Any actual experience tasting the post workout grapecicle lemonade3. Any release from your building anticipation for the launch of and my Max Effort nutritional lineTo vent your frustrations i recommend retail therapy at while the Black Friday sale is still going on 😉

Posted by Ronda Rousey on Friday, November 24, 2017


How many edits do you need for a three minute video?

Am I the only person who thought Purple Drank is just code for lean? Is Ronda Rousey selling herbal lean? I would be very willing to try that. And of course Purple Drank is a post-workout supplement. Prescription strength cough syrup should only be consumed after strenuous physical activity.

I would love to drink promethazine with Ronda Rousey. I imagine hanging out on a bunch of large leather couches with every version of Nintendo handheld systems all around. I bet you I could catch every Pokemon in Pokemon Red during one afternoon of sipping on syrups. Could be a great time.

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