Video: Paige VanZant Posts Sexy AF Endorsement of Reebok, Quickly Deletes It

Our girl Paige VanZant has gone full Jon Jones. Well, not hit-a-pregnant-women-while-smoking-weed-in-your-rental-car level Jon Jones. Shit, not even crashing-a-Bentley-into-a-tree-while-drunk level Jon Jones. So, maybe she hasn’t gone full Jon Jones at all. But she has learned the usefulness of a quickly deleted social media post.

Seems like PVZ hopped on Instagram to showcase the new black and white bra and underwear that Reebok is cramming down female consumers throats this next quarter. Paige seems like she’s super excited to show them off to you. Like really excited. Too excited. The video shows VanZant rolling around on the carpet and pulling up her shirt, breathlessly describing how cute Reebok’s latest fashion is. The heavily seductive sales pitch becomes only slightly awkward at the end, as she encourages you to buy this for anyone in your life, even your sister… as you typically do… completely normal… just buying underwear for my sister.

But seriously the audio on this video is damn near pornographic. Nice girl Paige seems to know how to pay those bills.


After giving it a watch (or several) you can see why Team VanZant quickly got her to take the video down. PVZ has been doing a brilliant job of walking that line of selling sex, while still maintaining that Christian, good girl thing. Typically, it’s a tough gimmick to maintain, so we here at the Middle Easy salute Paige, and hope she keeps the balancing act up.

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