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Video: Possibly high Nick Diaz gives his take on Woodley vs. Till

Video: Possibly high Nick Diaz gives his take on Woodley vs. Till

Nick Diaz may still be MMA’s most interesting man. We’re still not entirely sure Diaz watched UFC 228 but he sure did give his take on it.

That’s what great about the media landscape in 2018. You don’t need be to actually watch something to give your flaming hot opinion on it. Everyone has a voice in 2018. Great! Also, everyone has a voice in 2018. Oh no!

99% sure Nick Diaz just never left Las Vegas after his fight with Anderson Silva. Like some glitch with the UFC travel committee has granted Diaz permanent resident in Vegas for the last few years. Diaz is living the plot to Home Alone 2 just with more weed, Stockton slaps and women dancing on his IG feed.

Diaz stays Diazing.

So Nick, what do you think about Tyron Woodley going all big brother on a hapless Darren Till? UFC 228 main event? Last Saturday night? What do you got for us Nick?

That. That is. That is a take.

Um yeah. Trying to picture a scenario where Diaz returns to the UFC and immediately gets a title shot. We think the dream is over. Nick Diaz turned 35 years old last month. He old. Diaz hasn’t fought in over three years. He inactive.

Roughly also 99% sure, Diaz doesn’t really care about being a MMA fighter anymore.

Traveling the world? Cool. Doing some Jiu Jitsu seminars? That’d be dope. Promoting any kind of marijuana related project? *insert random Diaz quote here*. Making a guest appearance at your next Las Vegas pool party? Diaz is there for you.

MMA is more interesting with Diaz in it but we think he’s done with y’all.

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