MMA Rundown

Video: Muay Thai fighter vomits all over opponent and ref, fights on but gets KO’d anyway

Breaking news across the MiddleEasy news wire, Muay Thai fighter vomits all over opponent and ref. Not all heroes wear capes but a lot of them puke in spectacular ways. From a Muay Thai fight yesterday in Bangkok we have the story of the bravest fighter we know.

Kanchai Jitmuangnon, we salute you and your vomit. Despite nearly getting TKO’d, you weathered the storm, puked out a tornado on your opponent and the referee, and didn’t skip a beat in your attacks.


Cheers to the man who fights through his own stomach pains until he gets himself knocked out. To add even more glory to defeat, he even puked on the mat again after the ref waved off the fight.


Kanchai Jitmuangnon for 2018 fighter of the year IOHO.