Video: MMA’s first blind fighter Ronald Dlamini develops fight system for visually impaired

In a world full of harsh realities every now and again a feel-good story pops up to remind you that the entire world is not a never-ending shitty Internet comment section loop. Today Ronald Dlamini is that story and he is one of the best MMA stories yet to be told.

From Guardian Sport

“In 2009, Ronald Dlamini became the first black MMA champion in South African history by claiming the welterweight title. However, his life changed in 2012 after a fight in New Zealand when Ronald was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with meningitis. He was in a coma for 10 days and, when he awoke, discovered he was blind. Ronald immediately vowed to return the ring and now he trains beginners, as well developing a self-defense program for the visually impaired based on MMA.”

When life gives you blind darkness, do what Dlamini does and figuratively (and actually) craft a self-defense for other visually impaired people. Giving back and kick ass? Ronald Dlamini you win the MMA day and life for that matter.

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