MMA Rundown

Video: Mickey Gall joins Joey Diaz’s podcast to talk Jersey, ninja stars, street fights and more mayhem

Take’em to church. When Mickey Gall joins Joey Diaz’s The Church Of What’s Happening Now show it may be the most Jersey two hours in the history of podcasting. Gall is still riding high from his UFC win over Sage Northcutt and Joey Diaz is permanently high, so it makes for great radio.

Diaz and Gall talk like two Jersey dude-bros hanging out in the front yard and the interview goes off the rails more than a few times.

Gall stock is at its peak and Diaz’s stories of growing up in Jersey are a nice contrast of styles. Let’s sit back listen to Mickey Gall talk about his UFC rise, Diaz talk about mugging pedophiles in the park, Gall’s dad hanging with Diaz in the 70s, ninja stars, jiu-jitsu and more madness in a great episode of The Church Of What’s Happening Now

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