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Video: Slate Passmore headkick KO’s Michael Calhoun into an eternal state of side-eye

The human body was not wired to withstand the force of blunt headkick trauma to the face. After a headkick KO, when the body is asked to react, the follow-up movements are unique to that moment. Rarely are one knockout body glitch the same as an another.

In the world of getting knocked out everyone of you is an one of a kind snowflake.

Form a Soundproof Championship (um sure that’s really the event name) regional event in Chicago, we have welterweight Slate Passmore blasting Michael Calhoun into another dimension via perfectly timed headkick to the dome. Come for the headkick, stay for the 100% natural facial expression Calhoun’s body produces after his brain functions go down for a brief reboot.

Full Fight Video

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