MMA Rundown

Video: Michael Bisping in complete free fall or leveling up?

2017 has been an interesting year for “The Count” Michael Bisping.  After what was without a doubt the best year of his career, Bisping has been making taking taking his lovely personality and cranking it to 11.

On the surface everything looks fine, with Bisping actually getting the biggest matchup of his career against GSP.  But his behavior outside of the cage has been a pause for concern.  One gets the impression that Bisping is embracing his inner Tony Montana. Notably, getting into a drunken spate with Eddie Bravo, an entirely forgivable offense, if it was an isolated incident.  But Bisping followed it up by showing up drunk at the presser for GSP…

Not sure if I should salute him or organize an intervention… nah, salute him.



Which leads us to this weekends fights, where Bisping is doing the pre-fight commentary with Yves Edwards, who can’t help but keep it real when predicting the result of GSP/Bisping:


In case you thought the awkwardness stopped there, the post-fight show on FS1 was riddled with many more tense moments.  At one point Bisping was a mini tyrant on the show, demanding to know where George St. Pierre’s name was on a graphic of the Middleweight top ten. And he took exception with nearly every statement made by Yves.

At one point Bisping asked Yves Edward when he became “Mr. Tough guy”, to which Edwards responded, “I’ve always been a tough guy, Michael.”  The on air tension became so palatable that Todd Grisham had to tell Bisping to back off.


Personally, I hope drunken asshole Bisping is here to stay.  I was never fully convinced by his face turn…

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