Video: Maybe the greatest comeback in MMA history features nothing but punches blocked by faces

Even though mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport on the entire planet Earth for past 10 years running, new techniques are still popping up all the time. From the enclosed fighting structures of Johor Bahru, Malaysia we have MMA’s latest hot new technique trend; blocking punches with just your face.

In a fight between Wong Seng Chong and Rahul K. Raju at Ultimate Beatdown 16, we have perhaps the ultimate beatdown in the history of beatdowns. Lulling his opponent into a false sense security, the fighter with black gloves and red tape perfects the technique of getting punched in the face without blocking.

The study of MMA technique is a beautiful art form. Decades from now internet scholars from the future will write 10,000 word longform pieces (complete with gifs!) about the wonders of the “violently get hit in the face” skill.  Watch as MMA innovation happens right before our very eyes.

The souls of MMA forefathers, but mostly Bruce Lee, weep blood drops of joys as their sport moves into an era of wearing down your opponent with your unprotected face begins.

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