Video: Machine gun punches, judo toss, armbar win, did Kali Robbins & Sharon Jacobsen have round of the year?

This is the kind of fight where everyone involved needs a cigarette afterwards. We’re not sure if Invicta FC fighters Kali Robbins or Sharon Jacobsen smoke but the 42 second round they just gave us they might want to make a one-time exception.

From Invicta FC 25 watch Robbins attempt to open the fight with a grappling exchange only to be welcomed by the firing fists of Jacobsen. Prime Vitor Belfort level machine gun strikes Jacobsen nearly put Robbins lights. To cap it off Jacobsen proceeded to hip toss Robbins to the mat on a perfect transition.

Because MMA, on the ground the battered Robbins grabbed on tightly to Jacobsen’s arm for a perfect comeback armbar for the win. All this happened in 42 seconds. Round of the year? Invicta FC comeback of the year?

MiddeEasy’s favorite 42 second fight of the year? Yup.

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