MMA Rundown

Video: The Most Legit Faceplant KO in Brazilian Regional Promotion

The purest gifts from the MMA gods are also the rarest.

True faceplants knockouts like the one you are about to witness are as rare as the solar eclipse. They are the four leaf clover of KOs.

So, dust off your UV glasses and take a gander at Alexandre Cidade landing the cleanest right hand possible.

Good Christ almighty. My condolences to Joel Tigre. You have been dusted, good sir.

This should be preserved by the Smithsonian along with every Tank Abbott fight and sent into space. Hopefully, after Earth’s inevitable self-destruction, we can take solace in the knowledge that other species will know the pure joys of watching a true faceplant knockout. Also, they will have a bunch of Tank Abbott fights, which is the greatest intergalactic handshake possible.

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