Video: Krazy Horse provides expert analysis on DC vs. Brock fight, hits blunt

Krazy Horse on DC vs. Brock

The best thing about Krazy Horse is that he’s three people in one. It’s hard enough to be one person in this great big world but Charles Bennett has managed to be three in one.

Krazy Horse is the original. Felony is the evolved form. While Charles Bennett is the realest layer of them all.

When we last checked in with Felony he was retelling the story of him knocking out Wanderlei Silva back in the Pride locker room area. Bennett told the tale to Chael Sonnen and it rocked the former UFC middleweight title challenger’s mind.

Present day Horse is conducting live streams from the front seat of his car in the middle of the night. Felony just staying on brand. The whole video runs for 57 minutes but there was on particular bit that stood out.

We could try to explain it to you but you really need to watch Horse go full Horse. You also may want to watch it in a public place or at work with your headphones off and speakers turned up.

Actually don’t do that.

Just watch Felony breakdown Daniel Cormier versus Brock Lesnar.

That’s a very, very Felony way of looking at things. If Cormier beats Brock when they face, you now pretty much know why.

In the MMA analysis game there are tiers to this. Dominick Cruz, Jack Slack, Joe Rogan, Robin Black, welcome Felony Charles Bennett to the club.

Check out the full Felony Charles Bennett video below in which he also repeatedly calls Khabib Nurmagomedov “Kha-hab-biee”. Makes sense.

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