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Video: King Reina Dominates Outside of RIZIN, Gets a Quick Keylock Submission Win at DEEP Jewels

Video: King Reina Dominates Outside of RIZIN, Gets a Quick Keylock Submission Win at DEEP Jewels

DEEP Jewels (the all-female Japanese MMA promotion) had a card this weekend, and it included the resurgence of a Middle Easy favorite and RIZIN superstar King Reina.

King Reina had lost her last match in RIZIN to Cindy Dandois by split decision.  It was a fight that could have easily been scored for her majesty. King Reina was visibly frustrated after her first defeat, and the controversial nature of the decision only left her more embittered.

So it’s not shocking that she brought a lot more intensity to her next fight than her typical aloof style.

Let’s watch her make easy work of her opponent, Soyoung Park at DEEP Jewels 19.

That’s the kind of statement finish we’ve come to know King Reina for. That and massively huge lollipops and teddy bears.

It is a bit of a shame that this win had to come over such a tomato can.  Her opponent was an 0-0 fighter making her professional debut. While I understand the need to build someone up after a loss, this is a bit too far. But what can you do, it’s not like there is a huge market of women even in Reina’s weight class.

King Reina followed up the win by asking Nobuyuki Sakakibara (who was in attendance) to be placed on the RIZIN.10 card. Which makes all the sense in the world

King Reina might actually have the best development deal in all of MMA right now. Getting massive international exposure on RIZIN cards, and then to stay busy, she is crushing cans at DEEP Jewels. The best of both worlds for the 21 year old prospect. I can only hope an dpray daily to the MMA Gods that she develops into a future rival for Gabi Garcia.

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