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Video: King Mo outworks well-fed Rampage, booked to fight Ryan Bader at Bellator 180 in NYC

Rampage Jackson vs. King Mo 2 was a rematch no one in the MMA World ever asked for. Literally no one. Years after their first fight, at Bellator 175 Jackson and Mo were once again locked in the cage together but this time it was at heavyweight.

Not King Mo money-weight but at Unmotivated Rampage Jackson weight, a new Bellator weight class that is likely done after this fight.

Then the fight went on for three whole round with neither man really putting their stamp on the fight. Heading into the final round with the fight dead even, Mo out hustled a tired, disinterested 253 pound Jackson to a decision win. Mo had the wrestling and Jackson did flash his former KO power but it was not enough to overcome his lack of physical fitness.

Seconds after Mo was announced the winner, Ryan Bader was ushered into the cage to square off with King. Mo vs. Bader was then announced for Bellator’s pay per view in NYC on June 24th. Whoa.

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