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Video: Joe Rogan and Arian Foster breakdown, analyze the wolf vs. human fight debate

To set the scene you’re alone in the woods, the sun is setting, you’re surrounded by miles of nature as far as your human eyes can see and a lone adult wolf approaches you. The wolf is hungry, you’re hungry, and so could you defeat a wolf in one on one unarmed combat?

The question posed by former NFL running back and All-Pro sparked a crazy online frenzy from both the pro-human and pro-wolf sides of the argument. When weird/random/batshit crazy questions are posed on The Internet there is only one man to turn our universe can turn to and his name is Joe Rogan.

Days after Foster tweeted out his question or proclamation, Rogan had him on as guest of episode 928 of Joe Rogan Experience

Check the conversation between Joe Rogan and Arian Foster below which begins at the 5:00 minute mark of the show and runs for roughly the first 20 minutes of the video.

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