MMA Rundown

Video: Internet Bodybuilder guy wants to fight Cody Garbrandt and he just bought his plane tickets

No words. We have no idea who this Crazy Internet Bodybuilder person is but for some reason he really wants to fight Cody Garbrandt and everyone at Team Alpha Male. We thought this was a joke until Crazy Internet Bodybuilder made a trailer about his June 25th street MMA fight with Garbrandt.

So Crazy Internet Bodybuilder dude, who’s entire base for his MMA training is lifting heavy objects topless, is also Crazy Internet Bodybuilder dude with amateur video editing skills.

Then Crazy Internet Bodybuilder actually bought plane tickets to Sacramento.

Certified lifter and possibly a certified insane person. Someone please knock this dude back to the 1980s.

LOL This isn’t the first time this verified Insane Internet Bodybuilder guy has beefed with MMA fighters. Who is this mystery bro?

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