Video: In new Q & A Georges St-Pierre talks fighter association, UFC problems and options for his next fight

Remember when Georges St-Pierre was the UFC silent company man? The “yes sir”, “no mam”, GSP is gone and has been replaced by a Georges St-Pierre who may be leading the sport of MMA into a new era. If GSP is able to fight outside the UFC AND start a fighter’s association that improves working conditions for all? That’s a game changer and legacy cementer.

Say hello to Hollywood Georges St-Pierre your new leader in MMA’s nWo.

During a recent question and answer session, Georges St-Pierre once again put his former employer on blast for the way they treat fighters and the manner in which the revenue is split between promoter and athlete. GSP also says that he believes he has at least three options on where is next MMA fight could take place?!?!

Our friends at Fightful with the transcription

“I think a lot of the fighters, unfortunately … they don’t have the power and the position that I have,” said GSP. His honesty was genuine, but then his tone began to change. “A lot of them are pissed off because they have no choice. They cannot take a year off. They have to put money on the table for their family.”

After speaking with his agents, the conversation turned towards the potential of “an association” for fighters and that fighters actually did have viable options outside of the UFC. He realized he had a minimum of three options (including fighting for the UFC) but there were likely more.

Embrace the chaos and enjoy this new version of GSP that is blossoming right before our eyes.

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