Video: Two sets of identical twins fought in a team MMA fight

Team MMA twins

God Bless Team MMA. One day in the not too distant future the UFC will fully embrace Team MMA. Remember where you heard it first.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and when the Conor McGregors, Jon Jones, Nate Diazs and Cris Cyborgs have long retired from the cage, the UFC will need a gimmick. So instead of putting a moat filled with alligators around the world famous Octagon, just do team fights.

Two on Two? Sure. Three on three? Why not. Four on Four? Yes, please. Five on five? We fully embrace that human car crash inside a cage.

In lieu of the best timeline the possible for the UFC, lets travel across the pond to the magical land of Poland. We fully embrace the country of Poland and its eccentric take on all things MMA. Home to Euro Giant KSW, Poland also housed some Team MMA fights over the weekend.

But not just any tag team fights in the cage, new promotion Fame MMA put their stamp on the whole two on two concept. Did they dress all their combatants in Medieval costumes? Superhero Halloween outfits? Intergender tag team action?

We wish for all three but Fame MMA took it to another level. They somehow found two set of identical twins, who both happen to train MMA, then locked them in a cage to fight each other.

This is magical.

Check the full fight highlights below. Maybe on mute because whomever picked the soundtrack for the video was kind of trash.

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