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Video: Humbert Bandenay Debuts in the UFC with Amazing Head Kick Knockout

Humbert Bandenay led Martin Bravo from the world of the living and into the River Styx via a tremendous head kick knockout.

There is nothing better than watching someone change their life in a cage fight on just about the first exchange of a fight. Twenty seconds, two kicks, and now Humbert Bandenay life has gone upside down. I hope he becomes a Peruvian folk hero.

Making his UFC debut in Mexico City, this Peruvian prospect has now finished six opponents in a row. Naturally, the internet had its say on Wikipedia rather quickly and brutally.

Poor Martin Bravo or Eddie Bravo. You never had a chance. Check out the co-main event. A pretty tall task for Randa Markos to have to take out Superman.

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