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Video: Glory champ Anissa Meksen mocks Tiffany van Soest, kicks down tree in 15 seconds

*Sings* “Anything you do can do, I can do better.” This is a great heel move by Anissa Meksen.

Not only did Anissa Meksen beat Tiffany Van Soest for Glory’s bantamweight belt back at Glory 48, she is now stealing her opponent’s gimmick. We all remember back in 2016 when van Soest put on a bikini and kicked the shit out of tree. TVS’s video went viral and now Meksen is grabbing the green mushroom and 1-upping her former foe.

What a glorious (puns) jerk move this is by Meksen.

And here’s video of van Soest kicking down a tree.