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Video: Georges St. Pierre says if you talk bad about the UFC you’re out, you’re fired

Video: Georges St. Pierre says if you talk bad about the UFC you’re out, you’re fired

Retired Georges St. Pierre is very anti-establishment. After nearly two years removed from his last cage appearance St. Pierre has morphed into the Stone Cold Steve Austin of UFC fighters. In retirement the more GSP talks the more you could believe in the possibility of St. Pierre hitting Dana White with a Stunner and celebrating while Canadian lagers are thrown at him from the cheering crowd.

Somebody get St. Pierre a black leather vest with “GSP 3:16” stitched on the back.

While conducting an open workout and media scrum in Las Vegas, St. Pierre dived into a number of controversial topics swirling around the UFC. Did active UFC company man Georges St. Pierre ever say anything controversial? You have to be impressed with these interview performances from “Rush”. Yahoo with the quotes

“A few years ago I didn’t make as much money and it was easy for people to say, ‘Oh yeah? You talk bad about us? Out. You’re out. You’re fired.’ There are a lot of guys in the same situation; they think the same thing as me, but they don’t have the power I have. I don’t need this anymore; I’m happy, I’m wealthy. Maybe I would like to [fight], but I don’t need it.”

On pushing the UFC for stricter drug testing for GSP and his opponents.

“I said it for many years, I just didn’t come out,” St-Pierre said to Yahoo Sports when asked if he pressed the issue of PED abuse when he was an active champion. “Ask anybody who knew me in the UFC, I said it for many years.”

And what sort of response did he get when he voiced his concerns?

“‘Oh, you think so? Really? You sure about that?,’ ” St. Pierre said. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m sure about that.’ I was very angry [and] nothing happened – a very long time, a very, very long time. Now I have my place among the UFC and I’m wealthy.

On if active UFC fighters should speak up about the UFC’s new drug testing policy or the Reebok endorsement deal.

“But some of the guys – when you’re a professional athlete, it’s not a jet-set life, it’s very hard – they don’t make a lot of money and they need to keep their mouth shut. If you open up and say what you think – you see what happened with the Reebok thing – if you say something, if you talk bad about a certain thing, you’re kicked out. And some of these guys, they need the income. And I understand that. I’m no different from nobody. But I’m in a position that I can say what I think.”

Complete GSP interview

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