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Video: From his hotel balcony, Nick Diaz gives us a play by play of a guy sword training on his patio

We have said this before but Nick Diaz really needs his own reality show. The new UFC owners need to poor their entire Fight Pass budget into making the “Nick Diaz Searching for a Ninja” reality show. Let Diaz and his homies travel the globe, watching random dudes train martial arts.

The pilot episode has already been filmed live from Nick Diaz’s hotel balcony. Watch and listen with your jaw open as the older Diaz Brother commentates and films a random dude training martial arts on his patio. “Good shit”, “whoa”, “he’s a ninja”, “I need to train” are just some of the play by play sound bites Diaz spits out. 100% Diaz, 100% needs his own Fight Pass film crew following him.

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