MMA Rundown

Video: Fabricio Werdum vs. Coach Edmond gets a full breakdown, tale of the tape treatment

You knew this parody was coming. In any other sport if a player kicked a coach a full on revolution may have went down in the aftermath. Pitchforks, torches, protesters, angry moms writing letters to the sport’s commissioner could have resulted if Fabricio Werdum and Coach Edmond had chosen different paths in their sporting lives.

But this is MMA and Werdum fronting kicking Coach Edmond after a fight live on pay per view doesn’t even get a second glance from a refined MMA’s fan taste palate. Meh, just another Saturday night in the never-ending story that is mixed martial arts. Thankfully we have this new video that gives Fabricio Werdum vs. Coach Edmond the fight of the night treatment it clearly deserves.

Start with the tale of the tape and then really study the film so you’ll be ready the next time a fighter kicks of the hell out of a coach in the UFC.

Props to @blastedmma for the amazing video

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