Video: Ex-WWE star Ryback is hitting pads and he’s a mix of CM Punk and a young Dada 5000

Okay. Ryback and Bellator are clearly meant to be together; just look at these hot new striking skills. Having burnt all his bridges between himself and the WWE, former pro wrestler Ryback is beginning his journey to becoming a complete mixed martial artist.

So what happens when a 30-something pro wrestler, fresh off leaving the WWE, with no previous martial arts training starts to do MMA like things? We analyze the hell out it. Ryback is still just one punch away from knocking out legit MMA heavyweights according to this new video he posted on his Instagram.

Ryback is a 6’3 285 pound walking fast twitch muscle. Break the glass and sound the Bellator alarm; get on this Scott Coker & Co. before Rizin throws bags of unmarked cash at The Ryback.

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