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Video evidence that Joe Rogan has a very nasty sidekick

Video evidence that Joe Rogan has a very nasty sidekick

If there is one thing that is sorely lacking in the UFC, it’s freak fights. Freak fights are what make MMA so great — despite what MMA purists want you to believe, it isn’t about wins and loses. It’s about entertainment, and freak fights are friggin’ entertaining. DREAM’s Super Hulk Tournament was one of the best things to happen, not just in MMA, not just in sports, but in the history of mankind. Hong-Man Choi fighting Jose Canseco is a real thing that happened, it’s beyond absurd yet it’s beautiful in it’s own way. Minowaman conquering all odds to claim the title of Super Hulk champion is one of the best feel good stories in sports.

If Dana White was a wise man, he’d start putting on freak fights, and I mean really crazy freak fights, like Tiger Mask IV (with his mask on, obviously) vs. Lil B. I’m not sure anyone, including myself would be mentally and physically prepared to watch that, the emotions that would be rushing throughout our nervous system would be unprecedented. Imagine Tiger Mask IV having nearly sinking in a rear naked choke and then transitioning to a Millennium Suplex.

However unrealistic that is, I don’t care, that’s what I want to happen, it’s what the fans want, make it happen Dana. If that doesn’t happen, here is another idea. How about Joe Rogan fighting in the cage while doing commentary at the same time? Judging by this video, he wouldn’t have much trouble doing that.

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