MMA Rundown

Video: Every time Cody Garbrandt embarrassed Dominick Cruz set to Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta

Remember all that verbal styling Dominick Cruz pulled in the lead up to UFC 207? Um yeah, Cody Garbrandt remembered every single sound bite and he made Cruz pay for it like no other 135 pound human has done before. It wouldn’t surprise anyone after the mental and physical beat down Garbrandt laid on Cruz that the new UFC bantamweight champion has some of the former champ’s smack talk tattooed on his body.

A Garbrandt never forgets.

Seriously the way Garbrandt embarrassed Cruz was almost a thing of beauty. Yes, Cruz won 99.99% of the verbal altercations before the cage door closed but once it did Garbrandt posterized his opponent over and over again to the point you almost felt bad for the former champ. To commemorate Garbrandt dunking on Cruz, hanging on the rim, with his nuts right in his face for a really awkward amount of time here all the best highlights of Cody Garbrandt’s mastery over Dominick Cruz set to the Geto Boys anthem “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta”.

Update: Not the same but pretty damn good