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Video: Epic Spinning Shit from Kevin VanNostrand at Glory 43 in New York

When spinning shit works, spinning shit works. And Kevin VanNostrand made it work.

As he was pouring on the damage on Mo Abdurahman, Kevin decided to bring some flash to this fight. And God bless his heart for it.


No enough violence for you? Alright you savage, settle down. Here is an extended version of the clip, highlighting the enduring ass whooping that Syracuse NY’s VanNostrand handed out.


VanNostrand went on to win the fight after a second knockdown in the round. The win bought him a ticket to the Glory 43 Featherweight tournament final against Giga Chikadze for a shot at the Featherweight Glory championship. He went on to win that fight as well. Not a bad night for the patron saint of kickboxing spinning shit.

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