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Video: Edson Barboza’s Legs Are Deadly Weapons and He Used Them to Beat Gilbert Melendez

Video: Edson Barboza’s Legs Are Deadly Weapons  and He Used Them to Beat Gilbert Melendez

The horrible visage of purple. The cracking probably woke a lot of people up from their slumber last night. At this point, dropping a Kraft single on the floor would be a loud enough smack to be a trigger. The flashbacks have not stopped. Edson Barboza wrote a horror movie on Gilbert Melendez’s legs. This man kicked Melendez so hard that it corrected “Giblert’s” name on his Reebok fight kit. If you missed this fight, you missed a war. Luckily, we have some highlights for you and you could always watch José Aldo v.s. Uriah Faber from WEC 48 and get the gist.

…Good lord, fight fans. The bad thing is those kicks weren’t even half of the amount that Barboza landed on Melendez. I wouldn’t be surprised if USADA labeled Barboza’s legs as performance enhancing drugs. There were some wild exchanges between the two warriors as well. There were a couple of moments where Melendez seemed like he was going to KO Barboza before he had to amputate his leg.

By the last round, Melendez couldn’t move around too well and Barboza just stayed on the outside peppering when he can or when Melendez moved in. He won by a decision and called out all the guys above him: Tony Ferguson, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Rafael dos Anjos. Even better yet, he wants his next fight to be for five rounds.

Watch the official highlights below and pray for Melendez’s legs in your free time.

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