Video: Did Dan Miragliotte Screw Alexandre Almeida With a Loss at PFL 4?

The Professional Fighter’s League has been so much more entertaining than it had any business being. Apparently, offering a bunch of fighters usually clearing $10K & $10K (on a good night) a $1 million dollar purse for winning a tournament, and those guys are going to go ape-shit wild.

But the good old PFL hasn’t been without it’s controversy.

Apparently, something about the PFL cage makes referees hallucinate submissions. It happened to the constantly beleaguered Jason High and now it seems that Alexandre Almedia is another victim of PFL’s Phantom Tap.

Check out Steven Siler being awarded a submission victory in the first round (6 points) in this absolute bullshit of a stoppage.


Damn, Big Dan Miragliotta you just did that Brazilian man dirty… Let’s hit the Zaputar footage of the “finish” to see if Big Dan really did screw up or what.


Yep. It seems like he just fucked it up.

To add fuel to the conspiratorial fire, just look how casual and carefree Steven Siler was in the pre-fight faceoff. Taking selfies, grinning like a school boy… did Siler have Big Dan in his pocket all along? I’m thinking not, but get three bong rips in me, and I’ll probably sing a different tune.


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