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Video: Dana White tries to explain away the 165 lb division & he doesn’t have any good reasons

Video: Dana White tries to explain away the 165 lb division & he doesn’t have any good reasons

Dana White says something isn’t happening which means it its 100% happening. This is how the UFC works now.

Back in the Zuffa days, with his bros backing him up, Dana White’s words kind of meant something. Since the UFC sold out to their Hollywood overlords, White keeps tripping over verbal landmines he placed himself.

In a new interview with TMZ Sports, the UFC President seems genuinely mad at Nate Diaz. The younger Diaz bro is going completely off script and White cannot control him. For the past several days, Diaz has gone Diaz on social media and it’s slowly driving Dana White insane.

For fans who like to root for billion dollar corporations this may upset you, just like it did DW. This is great. Why isn’t everyone a Diaz Brother fan again?

For the life of him White cannot understand why Diaz would bring up the idea of 165 pound divisions. Its almost like White has never dealt with a Diaz brother before and their Stockton way of life is all foreign to him.

Per White there will be no 165 pound division and the UFC hasn’t even discussed anything of the sort. Of course nobody believes that but its nice that White is trying to spin it that way.

Did White at least give a reason why the UFC doesn’t want to birth a division right in the middle of their two most stacked weight classes? Nope.

Dana White has turned into that parent. He doesn’t have any valid reasons why he won’t coincide his point but he’s sticking to his guns in spite of himself. Remember this interview when the UFC announces a new 165 pound title on their own terms.

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