MMA Rundown

Video: Cro Cop pranks Satoshi Ishii in the shower and now we want to hangout with Mirko

Retired Mirko Cro Cop may be the best Mirko Cro Cop. Living like any other retried man with tree trunks for legs, Mirko has been forced to find some hobbies to pass the days away. Bingo? Shuffleboard? Painting and constructing small model cars? Nope, the head of Right Head Kick Cemetery Grounds newest hobby is pranks and or practical jokes.

To be specific Cro Cop’s favorite new pastime is pranking the ever living hell out of heavyweight training partner Satoshi Ishii. So let’s watch Mirko dump a large bowl of steaming hot or ice cold liquid on an unsuspecting Ishii, while the former Olympic silver medalist is in naked in the shower.

That’s our Cro Cop!!! *hits laugh track, freeze frame, rolls credits*

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