Video: Cortavious Romious unleashes a spinning kick KO of doom, opponent turns to Jell-O

It looks like he may have knocked out that dude with just his pinky toe. But what a spinning shit pinky toe it was. From Shamrock FC we have a furious spinning kick knockout 20 seconds into a fight. Cortavious Romious is the man throwing all kinds of flashy kicks while his opponent David Evans was this close to avoiding disaster.

Watch as Evans blocks the first head kick attempt, dodges the second strike, and then has his consciousness float out of his body while playing a mini-harp. In most life situations hitting two out of three opportunities isn’t a bad thing but this is spinning striking in MMA so real life need not apply. After the spinning kick by Romious lands Evans instantly falls to the mat like a bag bricks dropped off the top a five story building.

Full fight video below

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